As a provider of computing solutions since 1997, InfoMetrics is made up of a team of diversified and talented professionals. We are committed to providing individual solutions for your business through personal attention and relationships.

We have been involved with the supply, implementation, service and training of microcomputer products for over 30 years and have dealt with tens of thousands of workstations in their different environments as well as thousands of different servers over the years. Our focus is on network automation including: analysis and design consulting, product review and recommendation, installation and set-up of computer solutions and on-going technical support to ensure you and your customers a Safe and Secure business environment.

InfoMetrics currently provides network and security management services to small, medium, and large scale businesses throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan. In addition, we provide network and security management services to multiple financial institutions with multiple branches consisting of over 40 physical locations.  As well, we provide network and security management to different First Nations Governments, Police Forces, and Communities.  Our service area includes the whole of Southern Manitoba and Southeastern Saskatchewan. 

Throughout the course of business we have started offering both hardware and software procurement services in addition to our network and security management services; only after working with many vendors to ensure your technology purchases are appropriate for the job at hand and provide you the best overall value for years to come.

Currently InfoMetrics Local Service offerings from our datacenter include: Daily Network & Security Management Services, Hardware Virtualization, Secure Online Business Services Management (including Web/Email Hosting Services, Domain Registration, DNS, SPAM Filtering), Digital Advertising Services as well as Home Automation packages are available upon request.

Due to recognition as industry leaders in our field, and with increasing requests from our clientele, March 2010 saw the opening of our second office location located in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan.  InfoMetrics has proven that geographic borders can be taken down with existing technology and will continue to compliment the Saskatchewan province with a full-set of existing services to enrich both the mid to large sized business communities existing and new. 

InfoMetrics Incorporated is fortunate to have a strong relationship with their “sister” company, I-NetLink Wireless. Although two separate entities, both companies operate in Brandon, Manitoba and have been successfully integrating business solutions for the evolvement of existing business practices that our customers endure.

Working closely together, both companies strive to provide their customers with a high standard of a consistent quality of service and strong customer relationships. I-NetLink is proud to provide wireless internet services to over 200 communities in Manitoba while continuing to expand its coverage area which is currently estimated at around 40 000 square miles.